Security Cameras




Although the South Surrey/White Rock area is a great place to live and work, there are frequent issues with break-ins and theft, with both houses and vehicles. Installing security cameras is an effective way of protecting your home against break-ins and giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is secure whether you at home or away. Not only do security cameras help to catch theives if an event does occur, they also prevent homes from being broken into in the first place by acting as a deterrent. 


The security camera systems that we install, work seamlessly with your Smart phone, so that every time a camera is triggered, you recieve an alert on your phone, and are able to see what the event was the caused the alert.  Video is recorded onto a DVR, and is easily accessible and downloadable if the need arises.


Protect your family, and your home today, by calling us to find out more about our security camera system installations.

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